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YeaCreate Nscreen32~


The Nscreen32 uses an ESP32-WROVER-IE module with a large 4-inch capacitive touch display. The display is connected via an 8-bit parallel bus resulting in a fast performance. openHASP can take advantage of the 320x480 resolution to show a large custom user-interface.

On the back there is an expansion port with 6 GPIOs (4 input only, RX & TX) so you add inputs if needed. The development board can be powered via micro USB or the 5V-in JST connector.

Pros Cons
8-bit parallel display No backlight control
16 MB flash + 8 MB PSram Bright white power LED
Capacitive Touchscreen
Viewing angles
External antenna

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Backlight Control~

Unfortunately, there is no support for backlight control. The display is always-on.

With a small hack it is possible to control the backlight using a PNP transistor connected to GPIO0, R8 and 3.3V.


Some example projects and the schematics for the Nscreen32 can be found on the Yeacreate Github repository.

Github Repo   Schematics

Product Video~

Nscreen32 is the first device to receive the LVGL Certified Board label:


We don't have any 3D printable enclosure yet to share here. If you have a case for this board, please let us know so we can share it here.

Last update: 2024-06-07