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Firmware Update~


The partition layout of openHASP 0.7.0 has changed! Follow the Serial Update procedure if you are running v0.6.x.


When openHASP 0.7.x is already running on the device you can upgrade the firmware from the Web UI. For Over-The-Air updates you need to use the ota binary files.

HTTP Upload~

Click 'Browse' to select the ota file from your computer and click 'Update Firmware'. The 'Target' should be 'Firmware'.

HTTP Update~

You can also enter the ota URL to download new firmware from a webserver on your network or from the internet. Both http and https links are supported but using https is recommended for additinal security.

Some content providers -like Github- redirect links to a server which is closest to you. For safety reasons openHASP will not follow these redirect headers by default. This behaviour can be changed by setting 'Follow Redirects' to either 'Strict' or 'Always':

  • Strict adheres to RFC2616 and only follows redirects using GET or HEAD methods
  • Always will follow all redirects regardless of a used method, which is less secure


You can also trigger an upgrade using the update command from the Serial console, telnet or MQTT.

Arduino OTA~

When you are developing locally it can be useful to update a plate Over-The-Air using Arduino OTA. The Arduino OTA service is not enabled in the official releases.

For this option to work, the firmware has to be compiled with HASP_USE_ARDUINOOTA=1 enabled in include/user_config_override.h. Then update the platformio_override.ini with the IP address instead of a serial port:

; upload_port = COM3       ; Disable serial upload
; monitor_port = COM3      ; Disable serial upload
upload_protocol = espota   ; Use Arduino OTA to flash the firmware over-the-air
upload_port = ; Specify the IP of the ESP
upload_flags =
    --auth=haspadmin       ; optional OTA password, none by default
    --port=3232            ; optional remote port on the ESP, 3232 by default
    --host_port=45678      ; optional local port for access through the firewall

Serial Update~


  • Devices coming from 0.6.x with 4MB flash will be reformatted and loose all data!!!
  • Devices with 8MB flash or more should retain the filesystem and user configuration.

It is important to first make a full backup of the device:

  • Download the files from the filesystem to your PC.
  • Create a full backup of the flash chip using

Flash a full binary file onto the ESP32. The procedure is the same as the initial installation. Do not erase the flash first in this situation because that will destroy all files and settings!

Last update: 2024-06-07